Actual System

VeriFun is implemented in JAVA 8. The present version 3.5 was tested under Version 8 Update 251 (displayed as JAVA 1.8.0_251 in the system) but subsequent updates or previous versions may work as well. It is recommended to use the JAVA Development Kit JDK instead of the JAVA Runtime Environment JRE upon installation of VeriFun as the JDK contains the Server VM which is faster than the Client VM.


To install the system, use  administrator privileges when running the VeriFun 3.5 installer that you downloaded for your operating system. Afterwards start VeriFun and select JAVA in the ?-menu to check whether the intended JAVA version is used.

A rather outdated installation instruction which nevertheless may help if problems are encountered upon installation.
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Former Versions

Note: Previous JAVA versions might be needed to run former versions of VeriFun.


Last update 2020-05-25